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Enslaved - Below The Lights

Image of Below The Lights

This is just a fantastic album that is probably my most listened to album in the car for some reason. It just seems that when I go anywhere and get to put on an album in the car, this is the one I reach for.

Equilibrium - Sagas

Image of Sagas

Another album bought primarily for one tune. I really have to start wondering if I am propping up the music industry by buying albums on the strength of one track, instead of buying the single download and letting the industry die on its arse through it out dated thinking and closed minded business proposals.

But I like having something to hold on to when parting with money and downloads are too easily destroyed when moving computer or the hard drive dies etc.

Manowar - Kings of Metal

Image of Kings of Metal

I can't say that I am one of the biggest Manowar fans, but this album is very listenable, I really only got it for one song "Hail and Kill" and even then that only grew on me because of some many listens in the Solid Rock, Glasgow. The clincher was after a night when a friend named Rab was running around with a plastic sword, when this song came on.

I promptly re-worded the song so that the chorus is now always forever etched in my memory as "Rabs, Sword, is not steel!"

Dio - Holy Diver

Image of Holy Diver - Remastered

A must for any Metal fan and probably needs no explanation as to why its in my most listened to music playlist.

Stand out track for me is the title track Holy Diver

Introduction to the music posts that will follow

The following posts are going to be reviews of albums in my spotify playlist. If you haven't got spotify yet, I would go there now and sign up (, There is a free service and a premium service. You can get all the music on your computer with the free service, but the paid for services can include streaming to your mobile. Check out the comparison here.

Amon Amarth Found on Twitter

Found on Twitter

Hey everyone! Finally, Amon Amarth joined the Twitter!
Never been this happy!