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Check a mounted disk and fix errors on Amazon EC2

When I logged into my EC2 instance, I had the warning:

*** /dev/xvda1 should be checked for errors ***

We can't fsck /dev/xvda1 because it is mounted and in use, so I need to check this disk on startup as it is mounted, however there are a couple of things that need to be done first before you can do this on my Ubuntu EC2 instance.

First I need to enable FSCKFIX, which is off be default

sudo nano /etc/default/rcS

find the line:

And change it to:


Updated D8 Boldy Theme Live Preview setup instructions

This is still a very rough start to the D8 setup instructions, more will be added as I progress and full english will be added rather than the rough notes that exist at present.
Also as I am just starting out on this process, this page will be updated as I find modules that are not fully available or as I add functionality.
Please be aware that the D8 Twig version of the Boldy theme is on its way.

Google drive PDF embed without uploading to Drive first

I am trying out embedding a pdf on a webpage using google drive previewer.

Basically create an iframe with the src set to "[insert the url of the pdf]&embedded=true"

<iframe src=";embedded=true" style="width:560px; height:790px;" frameborder="0"></iframe>
gives us:

Git rebase in an agile workflow

I have been using git merge quite a lot at work as a part of the my workflow, because the powers that be outlined how we should be working prior to deployment, but it means that looking at the history in a graphical tool you get a messy web of branches, so I asked the question
"Should we be using rebase more in our workflow?"

Here are some of the arguments for rebase:

The Case for Git Rebase

Git Branching for Agile Teams

I really liked this webinar from Atlassian which contains a special mention of using git with Jira and Jenkins for continuous integration (CI), all of which I use at work, bonus.
Utopia == A seperate build for each branch and automated testing with CI.

More Workflow chat

I listened to this podcast recently and found the chat about workflows really interesting, especially relevant is the chat about git/jenkins/jira automatically coming together and might be worth looking into:

12 tips to get your website humming for the holidays

Its focus is on drupal, but the concepts can be applied elsewhere. It is all standard stuff, but with some QA and load testing links at the end.

Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming the .gz is getting fat. Please do fputs a $penny in the $old-mans-hat[];

or some other even more witty introduction. Advent is here, it time to stop complaining that there are christmas adverts in shops or on telly and open the calenders:

Drupal 7 Media by Liran Tal

Image of Drupal 7 Media

Having read through Drupal 7 media, I can honestly say I am quite impressed.

For once a book like this doesn't start with the obligatory chapter on installing and setting up drupal, quite a refreshing change, but instead leads off with an explanation on nodes and entities and then focuses on setting up a content type for dealing with media using the image handling features that come with drupal by default

Mixed Inline and header defined ad units

I thought I would share my experience of trying to implement both the header definition style alongside the inline definition style, so that I could allow editorial staff to choose whether or not to place adverts in the body of an article.