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Github workflow

In order to keep track of versions of your code, or just to keep a record of the changes you make to code, is an alternative VCS to the popular SVN. Here are some steps to ensure your code is kept up to date, even if you are sharing your codebase with other developers.

MySQL Backup and Restore

This is a script to run when using an SSH connection to move a MySQL database to another host.

mysqldump --host=<host_ip_address> --user <db_username> --password=<db_password> <database_name> > mysqldump.sql

mysql -u <db_username> -p <db_password> -h <host_ip_address> <database_name> < mysqldump.sql

In the first line you should replace the bits in brackets with the host database you need to backup and the second line should be the details of the host you are restoring to.

MySQL 5 - Incorrect integer value: '' for column 'id' at row 1

I recently found that one of my applications no longer works when I install it. Bit of a bummer as you always discover this only when the it is urgently needed.

A lot of head scratching ensued, as the same code is working still working perfectly elsewhere. I checked the php versions and configs, checked the apache setups, all similar enough not to cause any problems. The only clue to what was going on was a mysql log file entry of:

Upload Progress

Just a quick entry to mark how I managed to get the upload progress bar working for Imagefield

I had to install make and development tools on my Ubuntu Server.

sudo apt-get install php5-dev make
sudo pecl install uploadprogress

[edit] Any more problems, I have found this, which might also help Hope it helps

Create a live twitter feed aggregator module for Drupal 6 - Part 2

The next file we will look at is the .module (read dot module) file is where we get down to the php. This file contains a number of functions that will do all the work in creating the content we require. Many of the functions we will use are actually hook functions that drupal calls at specific times during page rendering process.

Create a live twitter feed aggregator module for Drupal 6

The next thing I am going to be doing is to create a module for my site. I have had a look at similar projects and non seem to quite fit the bill.

Essential Drupal Modules

A List of excellent Modules I commonly use.

I suppose not really essential, but at least they are modules that I use regularly and find it hard not to install as they are so good.

The Diary of a madman - or at least how he created this website

OK, First proper article:

How to create a drupal webite

There are plenty of places to go to get really good coverage of how to install drupal, so I won't go into too much detail and if I find that a) people read this and find it useful or b) people ask me to, I'll come back and cover it in more detail.

In the meantime some places to check out are:

A new website

This is the first version of my new website. I am going to use this space to show off my abilities as a web developer. The first incarnation will be a drupal site, which I hope to follow it with a Joomla version, a CakePHP eventually a Zend Framework version. I chose to do a drupal one first as I feel it will be the easiest to start working with while being flxible and extensive enough to come close to giving me exactly what I want. Apart from anything else it will help me scope out exactly what I'm looking for in my website.