Christmas Present - Amon Amarth - Twilight Of The Thunder God

The title track is brilliant and was in my spotify playlist till the album got removed (by metalblade I can only presume), as was "Guardians Of Asgaard", both excellent tracks and powerful examples of Amon Amarths crushing style. Still on spotify are "Once sent from the Golden Hall" and "The Avenger". I'll need to get my own albums imported to listen to the others again, shame as I liked being able to share my playlist but not have to rip the cds to all the various computers I use throughout my working and non-working week, and the mobile phone will be a bit of an issue carrying around all that extra data.

Anyway this album contains all the usual you would expect from Amon Amarth, immensely heavy guitars, gruff vocals and while its not their best album in my opinion, it is still a very welcome addition to the back catalogue and very easy to listen to all the way through, (read no duff tracks). I'm sure with a few more listens I'll add a couple more tracks to the playlist.

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