Christmas Present - Turisas - The Varangian Way - Directors Cut (CD+DVD)

A good way to start the year listing some of the Christmas presents I received and this was a cracker. I saw Turisas at Bloodstock in 2009 and while I really liked them before, their performance there blew me away. In the year it had been since I last saw them, they had improved massively and that's saying something as the were by no means bad before.

So this album/dvd was a welcome addition to the back catalogue. Most of the tracks in my spotify playlist are actually from the Varangian Way CD, such as "To Holmgard and Beyond" and "A Portage to the Unknown", but I always found that the directors cut tracks linked off to a completely different band on spotify, no idea why or even how to fix it. Still awesome none the less, now that I've actually heard the extra tracks and watched the videos.

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