Dyers Eve - Metallica remaster with Original Bass added

I can honestly say it has been a long time since I have been at all interested in talking about anything Metallica related but recently I discovered something that has me twitching a little.

The title of this blog post says it all. And justice of all, is being remastered by clever internetheads muso producery peeps. Certain songs are being mixed with the original bass tracks to bring the bass up in the mix, producing what I think is a warmer and less dry version.

I have always rated And Justice for All as an album really highly, it was the first Metallica Album I bought and I loved the double 12inch format on Vinyl. That being said I really preferred the sound production of Master of Puppets.

Now however some of the remastered tracks sound like they could easily sit on the Master of Puppets album, as they have so much colour. Truely I think this is the way the album should have been released.

The reason, as stated in many interviews, that the bass was taken out was that the tracks that were laid down were so close to the guitar tracks that the bass and James Hetfields guitar frequencies interferred with each other, affecting the sound James was aiming for. Jason Newstead wasn't available as much during the post production to argue the case for keeping the bass higher in the mix and as a result the bass was reduced to an almost non-existant level. Whether that is true is neither here nor there, it is done and can't be changed. This however is the next best thing in my opinion.

Musical differences may yet mean I never buy another new Metallica album again, however if the band considered doing this officially and releasing a full remastered AJfA with the bass brought up in the mix, I would probably reach into the pocket once more.

The mighty Colin Walls remastered this version of Dyers Eve and it is well worth a listen to, nice work Big C, keep fighting the fight.