Finntroll - Nattfödd

Have to give a hat tip to Calum from Achren for introducing me to Finntroll. I found them so good, the memory of them survived a Hogmanay by Loch Lomond, much Ale was consumed, but a couple of days later I still remembered listening to them that night and went out looking for their albums. True praise indeed seeing as I didn't remember being at Loch Lomond until 2 days later.

This was the one I plummed for first in no small part for the song "Trollhammaren", but there are way too many absolutely amazing tracks on this album to list them all without this blog just ending up as a weird track list thing.

That being said "Vindfärd/Människopesten" is a great opening and I love the tempo of "Ellytres" and the way it seems to infuse a power metal anthemic feel with the folk humppa that Finntroll are known for. I better stop there or like I said or I will just end up listing all the tracks, but I'll finish with the fact that even Connor loves the opening of "Marknadsvisan", sounds to me just like trolls getting angry, well who wouldn't, having to go to the market on a beautiful summers day.

Ahhh, noteable mentions to the very catchy "Det Iskalla Trollblod" and "Fiskarens Fiende"! The end!

"Nattfödd", "Ursvamp", "Grottans barn", "Rök", all brilliant too!

This is probably one of the only albums I can listen to 2-3 times over on repeat and not get tired of it.

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