Star Wars and Disney, my take on it.

I feel I should state for record my point of view on the whole Star Wars Disney thing, no idea why but there is a lot of ranting going on and I want in.

I am actually relatively happy about this Merger. Star Wars and Disney have had links for a while, in that The Disney Parks have a rubbishy Star Wars ride and you can buy most of the Star Wars stuff in all the Disney shops. In the worst case scenario we get a better ride at Disney than the current simulator thing surrounded by a load of props, so we're off to a winner sraight off.

Leaving Star Wars solely in the hands of Lucas is obviously a bad idea, c.f. Episodes I-III and the clone wars, so someone with a bit more clout than Lucas getting involve can one of two effects, things can get worse or better.

Worse would be going all cutesy to get the kids excited, but the Pirates franchise are good fun and entertaining for what they are, but the main thing they represent to me is that they are at least proof that Disney getting involved doesn't necessarily mean things will go all out cutesy just to entertain the kids.

After Episodes I and II things surely can't get much worse and looking at the effect that Disney has had on the Marvel films being released and the quality of some of them, then I am hopeful that the opposite will actually happen.

Best case scenario means we'll get decent writing, some good directing and ultimately someone with enough heavy weight clout to tell Lucas that another Jar Jar type of character is probably a bad idea and that person might actually be listened too.

Think of how Episodes I-III could have been if there was someone around able to say "No! Stop!" to Lucas while he was thinking that trade Embargoes make a good story line, that he should add Jar Jar "for the kids" and there should be a Mills and Boon section involving too many scenes of Anakin and Padmés romance.

Disney can produce quality and I'm being hopeful that it'll be fairly honest to the original concept. I certainly don't think I would have as much hope of entertaining/acknowledging 3 more films if things had remained the way the were with Lucas in sole control of the franchise.

Having witnessed the Marvel effect, I am now also thinking that we could get some exploration of the vast number of side stories and characters that may now also get movies and there is a few I would positively welcome Disney rolling out onto the big screen. For example The Heir to the Empire trilogy is pure brilliance. As is the story of Luke succumbing to the Dark side or the rebulding of the Jedi order, all great storylines that I could happily watch on the big screen. Not to mention my personal favourites, The Bounty Hunter Wars Trilogy during which Boba Fett teams up with Dengar after surviving the Sarlacc pitt and The Han Solo Trilogy which is the origin story of Han Solo that fills in nearly all details of the tales that are alluded to in the original movies like the Legendary Kessel run, Chewbaccas life debt and how Han won the Millenium Falcon from Lando.

Earlier stories in the timeline could also get some attention as well, there is the entirety of the old republic to be explored with Sith vs. Jedi battles a plenty, not to mention stories of Dark Jedi or even the Mandolorian Wars.

Having read probably too many of the books from the Star Wars Expanded Universe I think it is obvious that Lucas had a great idea, but allowing others to write and create in that universe was a way better one. I see this recent development as a similar step but for movies. Now it's not just on the shoulders of one man to produce more Star Wars movies, it's in the hands of a movie making machine.

I ony hope that in 2015 I don't suffer the same way I did in '99 when The Phantom Menace was released, I don't think I can take another disappointment like that.

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