Star Wars Synopsis or is it The Force Awakens?

This is a synopsis of the film Star Wars to highlight how similar it is to the Force Awakens in premise.

Spoiler alert.

  • A droid is sent to a desert planet to evade capture as it contains a MacGuffin vital to the Good guys.
  • The droid is then acquired up by our protagonist who along another character run into Mr Exposition.
  • Mr Expositions job in the film is to deliver our party and the information to the Good guys with a view to helping them battle the Bad guys
  • The party escape the sandy planet on the Millenium Falcon and our protagonist learns about the Force and gains a lightsaber. They also visit a cantina in which there is a bit of a scuffle.
  • Before they arrive at their destination they have an entanglement with the Bad guys but they manage to escape. The result of this encounter is that we, the viewers, have now witnessed the awesome power of the technological terror that is the Bad guys super weapon!!!
  • The film ends with the protagonist and the rest of the party meeting the Good guys, there is a brief reunion scene, the Good guys use the MacGuffin and have a climactic battle in which the Good guys manage to destroy the Bad guys super weapon thanks to a small over looked vulnerability. Yay!
  • Oh, did I mention that in front of our protagonist, Mr Exposition dies at the hands of the Bad guys uber villain who dresses all in black, oh sorry, yeah that happens, oops spoiler.

In each of the movies, I think the main players break down like this:

  • Droid = R2D2/BB-8
  • Desert planet = Tattooine/Jakku
  • MacGuffin = death star plans/map to Luke Skywalker
  • Good guys = Rebel Alliance/Resistance
  • Protagonist = Luke/Ren
  • Other character = C3PO/Finn (but maybe Finn is the new Han, maybe there is no C3PO, who knows?)
  • Mr Exposition = Obiwan Kenobi/Han Solo
  • Bad guys = Rebel Alliance/Resistance
  • Bad guys super weapon = Death Star/Star Killer
  • Uber villain = Darth Vadar/KyLo Ren
  • Brief reunion scene = Luke and Biggs/Finn and Poe (I know, right, they knew each other for 5mins?!? how come they are so happy to see each other? Was their bonding story cut?)

Similar?, I think so

Weak story writing on the Force Awakens?, I think so

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